How are we different from other pre-law fraternities?

We pride ourselves on an extremely high standard of development and growth. Each member is required to first cross through the Leadership Development Program. After that, they are encouraged to extend their professional growth through leadership positions and events put on by the fraternity. At our core, we value and respect each other and foster close-knit bonds between our brothers and sisters. We would love to meet all interested applicants and we encourage you to attend our recruitment events to see if you are a good fit for our unique community.

How will Kappa Alpha Pi help me?

Because law schools do not require a specific Pre-Law track, students are allowed great flexibility when it comes to preparing their application. Most importantly, a strong application has a stellar GPA and LSAT. Being a member of KAPi gives you exclusive benefits like discounts to resources from LSAT Prep. companies and private classes with LSAT instructors. Our Leadership Development semester includes study sessions and other strong academic components. In addition, it has become increasingly clear that law schools are placing more of an emphasis on non-quantifiable, or “soft”, components of the application. These “soft” components consist of the personal and diversity statement, recommendation letters, written supplements, and your resume. Interviews have also become large components of many top law schools’ admissions processes. KAPi not only gives you the tools to complete the “soft” components of your application well, but also the experiences to create a compelling and unique application. Finally, many of our alumni, the likes of which are now attending many top law schools such as Harvard Law, Yale Law, Berkeley Law, and Stanford Law, are well-connected to the fraternity and continue to be great resources for members who are starting the law school application process.

What is the Leadership Development Program?

An intensive 10-week program designed to hone leadership skills and professionalism and forge strong fraternal bonds between newly-admitted members. The estimated weekly workload is 15-20 hours. Upon completing the program, you will become a full-fledged member of Kappa Alpha Pi.

What you will do:

  • Attend weekly program meetings
  • Complete professional assignments
  • Plan and hold fundraisers
  • Prepare and participate in a Mock Trial
  • Job-shadow a professor or professional with a Juris Doctorate
  • Host a public panel discussion on a legal issue. Past topics have included the death penalty, NSA surveillance, and the McCutcheon v. FEC decision
  • Complete mock job interviews
  • Participate in the planning and public relations efforts of our organization

What you will learn:

  • Interview skills
  • Public speaking
  • Resume and cover letter writing and editing
  • Event planning
  • Time management
  • Case brief writing
  • Case analysis
  • Law school admissions process
  • Conflict resolution
  • Networking skills
  • Professional email writing
  • Information regarding careers in public service, politics, non-profit work, consulting, corporate law, and more from members currently active in these fields

What you will gain

  • Professional and leadership skills you can apply to nearly any professional career
  • A network of connections in a diverse variety of professional fields
  • Personal growth
  • An on-campus family to push you, encourage you, and support you in your endeavors
  • Most importantly, however, you will gain from the Leadership Development Program what you give to the program. Members consistently rank the Leadership Development Semester as key to their success at Cal.

If you have any questions, contact the Leadership Development chairs at

Not 100% pre-law?

That’s perfectly fine. The professional development you undergo in Kappa Alpha Pi will be invaluable regardless of the career you choose. The exposure to the legal field that you will acquire during your Leadership Development semester and beyond will help you decide if a legal career is truly right for you. Our membership is a diverse community comprised of intelligent individuals interested in a wide range of professional careers, including business, consulting, politics, computer science, engineering, the environment, social justice, and a variety of other non-legal professions.

Are all recruitment events mandatory?

No. However, it is best that you try to attend all the events as a way to get to know membership and allow membership to get to know you. Attending as many recruitment events as possible can only help you.

does kappa alpha pi haze?

Though we hold our members to the utmost level of excellence, we do not tolerate hazing, intimidation or harassment of our members at anytime. We have a strict no-hazing policy embedded into our constitution.

What if i cannot make any of the events?

Send an email regarding your situation to the Recruitment Chairs, and schedule a Coffee Chat if you can. You will still be able to participate in the interviews and the application process.

What if I am a senior, transfer, or re-entry student?

Many of our members applied as seniors and many are transfer students. Even if you only have a year left at Cal, you leave with a life-long membership in KAPi. As for re-entry students, we have had members of all ages, some of whom are married.

What if I am unable to afford professional dress?

KAPi recognizes that purchasing professional clothing is not financially feasible for all students. Our fraternity provides a free formal attire loaning service for those in need of assistance. Contact KAPi’s Philanthropy Chairs, Amelia Cecchetto and Emma Finney, at for more information.