The purpose of this fraternity shall be to foster knowledge of the law for undergraduate students; to provide service to the greater community and campus; to promote a strong sense of fraternalism among members; to uphold the ideals and integrity of Kappa Alpha Pi Co-Ed Pre-Law Fraternity; so that each member may advance his or her intellect while contributing actively to the well-being of others.

Fostering Knowledge

Coming from a variety of backgrounds and interests, KAPi’s members seek to teach one another and substantially contribute to the professional growth and advancement of its members. This pursuit begins with the Leadership Development Semester, and is carried through to our relationship with our alumni.



Providing Service

Our membership is passionate about serving those around us. This includes of course aiding our fellow members and students, but also our broader communities. We take pride in our various philanthropic endeavors across the Bay Area.

Promoting Fraternalism

The bonds of our membership is at the core of our organization. As we learn from one another in our pursuit of professional advancement, we also form lifelong bonds and friendships. Fellowship and professionalism thereby go hand in hand.