Law school preparation

We strive to have continuous opportunities to prepare our members for law school, beginning with the big question: is law school really for you? Following the Leadership Development Program, we offer at minimum three events and workshops for members every semester to further prepare them for law school. These events include round-table discussions with Deans of top law schools, workshops on the law school admissions process, and provide other useful resources to our members.

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Professional development

We are committed to maintaining strong bonds with every professional we work with. These esteemed individuals include top consultants, private and public attorneys, and top law school deans. By maintaining relationships with firms, companies, public entities, non-profit organizations and more, we ensure continuous and unique opportunities for our members.



As Kappa Alpha Pi greatly aids each member in pursuing their interest in the legal field, it also provides a community of like minded individuals that share a common passion. Our fraternity provides you with a group of brothers and sisters that will end up creating some of the best memories you will take away from your time at Cal. 

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Academic help

Kappa Alpha Pi members understand the importance of academic success here at Cal and are therefore great support. Kappa Alpha Pi provide you with a group of people with experiences in a wide range of majors and an immediate study group. Members are also given access to discounted test prep courses. 

Alumni network

The Kappa Alpha Pi alumni network runs deep. Our members have attended the nation’s top law schools and currently hold high-level positions both in government and the private sector. With such a diverse membership, we also have members in top business and graduate school programs. Each new member has the opportunity to connect with and learn from an alumni mentor working in their particular field of interest.

Members and alumni have interned, worked, and studied at prestigious academic institutions and firms, such as:


Finance and Tech


Higher Education

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Public Sector

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Law Firms