University of Michigan • Ann Arbor, MI

     University of Michigan • Ann Arbor, MI

Where it began...

On October 8th, 2007, Kappa Alpha Pi was started by a united group of likeminded undergraduate pre-law students at the University of Michigan. Formerly associated with the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity International, these high-achieving students disaffiliated in favor of the safety of its members and their close-knit community. Kappa Alpha Pi now consists of over 7 dynamic and respected chapters at institutions of higher learning all across the nation.

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UC Los Angeles

Beta • Fall 2009

Chapman University

Epsilon • Fall 2011

UC Riverside

Gamma • Fall 2010

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University at Albany

Zeta • Spring 2012

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Cornell University

Delta • Spring 2011

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Michigan State Univ

Eta • Fall 2013


Throughout the Spring semester of 2014, members of the UC Berkeley Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity International faced concerns with the structure and governance of their fraternity. To preserve the values and to maintain the best interests of its membership, a majority of our chapter membership elected to disaffiliate from Phi Alpha Delta and reconstitute as the first UC Berkeley Chapter of Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law, Co-Ed Fraternity. With that, the UC Berkeley Chapter of Kappa Alpha Pi was created out of the desire to uphold values that are at the core of its existence and function. We vow to uphold integrity, compassion and professional competence in all our decision-making processes in order to advance the ideals of social justice and liberty under the law. Our fraternity will exercise these values internally, as our members pursue moral, intellectual and professional advancement, and externally as we forge bonds local and on-campus communities.